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Spring 2016 - Part 2
Good things can take time, so is the case with catching readers up on the "Good News" of what The Lord is doing through the AIYM (Adventure In Youth Missions) ministry. Part 1 contained August-October while Part 2 covers November-January. As the editor I am faced with the dilemma of whether or not to exclude certain events/stories for privacy reasons or for brevity of time and space. While I forget enough things all on my own, I believe it would dishonor the Lord if I were not to share with you the things he does place on my heart for it glorifies Him. We so humbly appreciate all of our ministry partners who so generously continue to support our growing ministry through faithful prayers and sacrificial giving. Thank You!   

Machu Picchu, Peru
Nov. 23rd we received a phone call from Nikki Sarpy saying that her husband was flying in from overseas and wanted her to book a father/daughter deer hunt with us. He had been gone for 6 weeks working for an American oil company in West Africa and had promised to take his two daughters deer hunting upon his return. Nikki said they had a previous trip planned but it had been cancelled at the last minute. Now with Thanksgiving only a couple of days away she was scrambling to put something together on behalf of her girls. We welcomed Reece, Reagan, their dad and uncle to the Main Lodge a few days later. The girls hit the ground running and after a couple of days hunting both girls harvested nice bucks with the youngest harvesting a whopper 13 pt.! We enjoyed hosting the Sarpy family and hope to personally meet Nikki this coming fall.
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Dec. 14th we were out in West Texas guiding a couple of guests of a Texas oil man. One of his guests harvested a mule deer buck then headed back to work in San Antonio. The second guest spent a couple of days climbing tall mountains chasing aoudad rams. During this time of long hours we visited some about life. He shared with me that he was getting married later this year and that he wanted to be a good husband to his wife. We visited about how he planned to do that. He admitted that he rarely went to church but was fixing to undergo premarital counselling with his fiancé. I shared with him that the bible teaches that apart from the power of the Holy Spirit indwelling a "believer" it would be impossible to be the man he truly wanted to be, he must first become a child of God.
I shared the gospel with him and he gave his life to Jesus.  Later that same day he harvested a nice mature aoudad ram. When the hunter left the following morning he gave me a big hug before heading out the door. The oil man questioned why his client had hugged me. I told him that his client had surrendered his life to Christ the afternoon before on the mountain. He was speechless. A month later Melony and I received a check in the mail from the oil man with a simple note attached. It read my son was "saved" at a church camp. The check was a donation to AIYM for $15,000.00! PTL!
Dec. 20th we helped co-host our 5th annual Christmas mission trip crusade we call "Taking Christmas & Jesus to the Border." This was by far our largest event to date and was held at the Del Rio, TX Convention Center.  With a mission team comprised of 150 members from several different churches we focused on reaching the Del Rio community with the truth in love of Jesus Christ. There were approximately 1,200 guests in attendance who enjoyed a free meal, live Christian music, a Gospel presentation and Christmas presents for the children. In all some 300 bibles were handed out including the wonderful children's bi-lingual Jesus Storybook Bible along with adult New Testament bibles in both Spanish & English. Over 60 bicycles were awarded as door prizes and children went home with over 1,000 brand new toys. At the "Invitation" we witnessed 200 professions of faith of which whose contact information was shared with local pastors for follow up. Please pray for these new Christian's spiritual growth.
Jan. 7th Brandon Davis, Family Pastor at Taylor Memorial Baptist Church in Hobbs, NM returned with yet another youth mission team to help us with our "Kids Feeding Kids" ministry and to spend time together in God's word. On this hunt the girls were really blessed having harvested the majority of deer including several bucks and as it turned out several of the mothers had the opportunity to guide their own daughters! The majority of the healthy fresh venison was sent to Rancho 3M Orphanage in Guadalupe, Mexico to feed the children who call the orphanage home. Thank you ladies for a job well done!
Jan. 10th Melony and I drove 4 hours to Terlingua, TX which is next door to Big Bend National Park to participate in a 2 day Wilderness First Aid/CPR class taught by the world renowned "National Outdoor Leadership School," otherwise known as NOLS. Most of the training was outdoors in 20 degree weather to further simulate real life conditions. Both Melony and I received our certifications after completing the intensive training. We believe this course to be valuable for anyone spending time overseas on mission to developing countries or in remote regions of the United States.
Jan. 12th we had the pleasure of hosting Jake Conley from Bangor, ME. It all started with an email, followed by a phone call from Maine Marine Patrol Officer Rustin Ames. Rustin said he had a friend who had hunted whitetail for 25 years and was yet to be successful. I was incredulous. How could anyone hunt for that many years, never having once been successful and still have any passion left?  He said Jake does! I asked what his problem was. He said two things; 1) Maine does not have that many deer. 2) Jake was a quadriplegic, having suffered from MD for 20+ yrs. Rustin said Jake did not have much time left since his breathing was becoming increasingly labored from the progression of the disease.
We agreed to guide the hunt and quickly began making the necessary arrangements to facilitate his hunt. After a very long day of travel, Jake finally arrived at The Main Lodge with his primary care giver "Matt." Early the next morning "Magnum Guide" Scott Homer escorted Jake & Matt to a custom blind placed strategically for Jake. A special rest held Jake's rifle while both men helped Jake get into position in the fleeting darkness. As day finally broke over the frost covered West Texas meadow, a nice whitetail buck was spotted. Jake had very limited mobility in his arms, hands, and fingers so Scott and Matt worked feverishly together in getting Jake and his rifle lined up on the fleeting buck. A short minute later Jake fired his rifle, thus completing his 25 yr dream quest for a whitetail deer! Spirits were high and behind the facemask Jake had a very big smile!
Jan. 24th Melony & I, along with AIYM board member Neil Grant and mutual friend Kent Terrill, board member for Villa Milagro Ministries, headed down to the jungles of central Peru on mission to advance the Gospel. We flew from San Angelo to Dallas, to Lima, Peru, to Tarapoto, then drove 3 ½ hours in a van to Yurimaguas situated on the banks of the Amazon River. From there we boarded a small boat and headed down the muddy river for 6 hours to a small village secluded about a ½ mile walk from the river. The temperatures were skyrocketing into the upper 90's and the 99% humidity was stifling! We pitched our small 2 person tents inside a small open air church for protection from poisonous snakes and monsoon rains.
For 2 nights we showed the Jesus Film in Spanish then gave short messages followed by a time of invitation through the help of translators.  In the mornings we would host adult bible studies then act out favorite bible stories for the children. From this village we traveled by foot carrying backpacks, water, generator and fuel to 2 remote villages. One of which was 2 ½ hours deeper into the Amazon jungle. There we would camp amongst the indigenous people to build relationships with the village chief & elders. Afterwards we would again show the movie, then share the truth in love of Jesus Christ. In this village the people had never heard the name "Jesus." After spending 2 ½ days in the village sharing the gospel we departed having witnessed; the chief, his wife, and 6 of the village men become the first Christians there. Throughout the mission trip we saw 37 Peruvians proclaim Jesus as Lord.
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